Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just a 'Wee' Start..

I have slowly been working on re-decorating our bedroom
Actually it's never been decorated.
(why do we always put ourselves last, huh?)

Me & the Mister have moved into one of the larger rooms

it has one of the two fireplaces in the house

4 huge windows...

All natural light from dawn to dusk



 I made myself a promise to paint some of our furniture white

I paint & sell white furniture
and I love the stuff
so why isn't there any of it in my home....?

Of course it's always more complicated than that, right?
(more on that in a later post)

These pics are of one corner of our room
The only corner that's kind of completed

...of a room that is approximately 12' x 26'

but oh yeh.....
did you see the white furniture?

you missed it?
Here's one more look!!

A wicked lot more "to do" or "re-do" before I'm done if any of us are ever done
(insert diabolical laughter)

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