Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dog Days


It's not even 9am here & the temp is high
& the air is thick.
There is a sporadic breeze that passes through
cooling your damp body
swaying the trees
& the netting on the gazebo.
But it is not nearly enough to keep
one comfortable. 
...or should I say keep this human comfortable
For most of the birds are singing choruses
while others hop about my lawn picking
up breakfast provided by last nights rain
& my cats climb the fence posts,
 jumping & chasing
one another
their fur coats shinning in the sun
completely unfettered by the heat. 

New Hampshire is an odd place when it comes
to it's inhabitants & the weather
It is a general practice to wish for the heat in the deep
of winter snow & cold
complain about the mugginess
(cuz it's never the heat always the humidity)
at the height of summer.
BUT if it rains
that's not right either
people here will say that we didn't
have much of a summer at all.

The weather is the common bond among the natives.

But the summer is indeed beautiful here.

Lawns the size of fields surround older homes
where one would almost expect to see ladies in white victorian
garb under parasols enjoying a summer picnic.

The Old Atlantic, known for it's dark, cold, angry waters
glistens in the summer sun while cooling it's people
with lapping waves along the coastline.

If you think I romanticize my home
you are correct.
I Am In Love 
The gathering, cracking & savoring of Tiny Pine Nuts come Fall,
Deeply breathing in the sweet perfume of burning oak in Winter
& the heady scented, rain soaked earth of Spring,

this is not my image the owner is unknown to me
please let me know if it's yours & I'll give credit.

and lastly I am
Passionately in Love
with the 95 degree days that puddles the flesh,
keeps slumber at bay, and burns the soles
during the lovely fleeting Summer.

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