Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fair Belle Collection 2012

This was the first time I had made a video quite like this, but
it was for a client/friend that is quite unlike anyone else I know.

Geanie Finley if full of boundless energy, creative genius and
a unique eye for beauty and because of that making this little film
tributing her first beautiful collection was a joy.
Using photographs, taken by Geanie herself, of her
colorful Saloon Slips & Fair Belle Jewelry, I wanted
 to capture the energy & spirit of the designer herself.
This is truly difficult to do with just a mere slide show.
So instead I mixed static images shown for 2 to 4 second intervals with
other more sequential images at .20 second intervals to create action
where none had existed.
I did this with the models themselves and
with clothes lines of bold colored slips.
No actual video footage was used at all.
Pretty Cool, Huh?

Was it difficult?
But entirely worth it!

So if you find your toes tapping, and a smile spreading across
your face while you watch these 5 minutes of flashing color,
great music & stunning beauty
well then......
Miss Geanie and I will know that we did our jobs well.


***PS-be sure to shut off the blog playlist before watching the video
or there will be just a little too much noise,
due to the overlapping sounds from 2 different media devices.


geanie said...

Could this be me you are speaking of? lol I love you so and everything you do for me. I say it all the time and I truly mean it....it is as if you have a chip implanted in my brain. You know just what to do and I am always amazed beyond belief. Everytime I see something you have done for me it is like Santa came to town. xoxoxo

She Who Runs Amok said...

love it! So very 'Geanie & Lori'!


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