Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chopin Nocturne in E Flat Opus 9 No. 2

I came home today after shopping at the Goodwill
to find my 17 year old asleep on the sofa
 Ruby Tuesday nipping at my feet & tail wagging
Dropping my keys and bags on the table
I bent to scratch behind her ears and kiss her head.
 Then opening my bags to look at my new purchases
I lifted the Men's White Tuxedo shirt out the bag....

That's when I heard the most delightful sound.

Listening to Chopin
 is like biting into the most delicious
piece of chocolate cake you have ever tasted.

My eyes close, my smile broadens
My head tips back swaying back & forth to the tempo.
For a moment there is nothing but this sound
 completely enveloping me

I remember 
Nocturne in E Flat, Opus 9 No.2 
Feeling it all over again
Like it was the very first time

Then it happened
I had an Epiphany

It's True
Tuesday May 15th 2012
 at approximately noon EST
Lori McGee had an Epiphany

I don't know about you, but I grew up believing most everything my parents told me.
"If you had a talent for something, that's what should do"
God's Gift and all that...
Black & White

Only if you can make a career/money from it
Because if you can't it should only be a hobby
there was always some caveat, jeesh

 I loved to sing from when I was very small
I was very good at it too
I learned how to play guitar & piano
I sang with many groups over the years
I went to college for music
I wanted to be an Opera Singer
 I know, I know.
So that is my small bit of history,
My resume, if you will
 It doesn't tell the story
Real & True

Not one little bit

It really started with The Wizard of Oz
Judy Garland singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow

 At six when life sucked for me
Whatever the reason
I would escape to the swing set in our back yard
I would sing that song over & over again
Pushing to swing higher & higher
Feeling like I was soaring into the sky
 That absolutely anything was possible.....
"If pretty little bluebirds fly, beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I?"
That is the real story
That is also my Epiphany

So much time is spent looking for some practical purpose for it all
When in reality Art is truly all around us, all the time
The stained glass in my windows
The Moulin Rouge Photo on my wall
The interior design of my car
The billboard I had passed on my way to the Goodwill
The colorful new landscaping around my friends home down the street
Even my sleeping son who is one of the most linear people I know

With his scruffy little goatee, his new stylin' haircut & designer glasses
Grif's ART

Of Course....
I was not made to be an opera singer, pianist or music teacher
I am here to adore music in appreciation of the work those artists do

I adore painting furniture for myself, not to sell to others
 (I had a shop where I did this. I started to hate it)

I adore fashion, but I am not meant to sew or construct clothing
(gives me a headache thinking about it)

I adore movies, but I am not meant to be an actress (too shy)

I adore writing, but I am not meant to write a novel (no patience)

These are only a few of the artistic roads I've been down
Each time thinking I had found
My Calling
My Talent
My Art
The Purpose & Meaning of my creative nature

The truth is that Art is food for my soul
I am always famished
 To be starved of it would kill my spirit

So I will delight in Chopin
Search yard sales for cheap furniture to paint,
Design clothes and send them to Geanie to make for me
Decorate & Re-decorate my house & my friend's house,
Write poetry when it strikes me,
Remark when a commercial is tremendously clever
Cry or Laugh with appreciation at a wonderful movie
Cuz you see.....

My Talent
My Creative Purpose

To see this Beauty..
To Notice.. 
To Appreciate.. 
The Art around us
To Remember it well

Help Others To See It

Cool, Huh?

So if you need help in having others see your work
Leave a Comment
with your name & email address
I'll get in touch!




Belle West said...

Absolutely delicious! And, I so relate to your epiphany, as I am wondering about some of my meanderings as well... pondering these things in my heart, as it were. You have a lovely blog, beautiful home, and wonderful taste (I know good taste when I see it). LOL

I wish you a magnificent life, no matter what path you travel.

Big {{hugs}} from one of your biggest fans.
Donna, aka Belle West

geanie said...

I cannot tell you how it feeds me as an artist to know when someone else has finally "arrived". But boy oh boy without a doubt you have. You have taken me.... a slip sewing, jewelry soldering boho loving girl and brought me to life. I am and have always been an artist at heart. I can sew and have all the vision in the world... I can make it BUT once its done its done. It has no direction it is simply there. You know where, how and when to take it to the next level. I cannot explain it nor do I want to but its magic. For this I adore you but more than that I adore the soulful person that you are. You fly and you have put me on the back of that broom with you.....lucky me. xoxoxo

Cinin said...

I have read this not once...not twice ...but three times all the while listening to the awesome Nocturne in E Flat, Opus 9 No.2
that I found on youtube....feeling the music and your words.....thank you for sharing and because of this I have been introduced to a great artist while doing my own soul searching...hugs to you and all of your beauty that you create <3 <3 <3

Shabby Jen said...

You all write like poets, I love your outloud dreams, you are beautiful!! I'll read this again and again as well as listen to the music too!! Ciao Bella's!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Amazed and honored to meet you!
Thank you for following me on 34th street! i am your newest follower!

ByLightOfMoon said...

You have lovely thoughts and I wish all come true!

Smiles, Cyndi

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