Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Magnolia Pearl Ranch is Heaven For Sale!!

I just enjoyed a fab blog post from 
Anne Christian Lorys of
one my most fave blogs!

  The post is filled with Anne's 
beautiful images of the
 Magnolia Pearl Ranch
that is up for sale!!
I have been in love with this place
for as long as I can remember. 
Anne Lorys Photography
The Ranch has a magical quality
 that leaves you believing
 you could never be unhappy in such a place. 
Of course I've never been there personally, 
but I have been a mental visitor 
through the web & the many times 
it has been featured in magazine publications.
Anne Lorys Photography
Robin Brown and John Gray
are selling their 
beautiful Ranch located in
the Bandera countryside
of the Texas Hill Country
Anne Lorys Photography

It is 38 acres with

3 complete homes,
18 external structures,

Anne Lorys Photography

3 outdoor shower & baths 
which are supplied by on demand hot water heaters.

Anne Lorys Photography

Among the many features of the 3 homes
 there are 25 chandeliers,
 iron beds, 3 clawfoot tubs,
 stone fireplaces and spacious porches 
as well as many outdoor structures
like a chicken coop with
a chandelier!    
Anne Lorys Photography

Anne Lorys Photography
Courtesy of Magnolia Pearl

Offered at $695,000, this property 
is centrally located one hour
from San Antonio, Texas
and 7 miles from Bandera.

Grab Up this Heavenly Place for Yourself

For inquiries,  contact John Gray at  210-508-9552 or 830-990-9600  or by e-mail,


 These 2 gorgeous Magnolia Pearl Ensembles 
are being offered by Robin & John as a "to die for" GIVEAWAY. 
Visit "Fiona & Twig" 

for information on how to win this GIVEAWAY.  
 Even more beautiful images
of The Magnolia Pearl Ranch
by Anne Lorys.

Fiona and Twig


Debbie said...

Oh my gosh!!! It's like being in Heaven! LOVE this!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Wonderful! Great job!!!
Thanks so much for giving my post such a fabulous shout out!!!

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