Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coming Home

This week when my United Flight started nearing the Manchester Airport,
the sweet woman across the isle touched my arm
while I was looking out my window.

 "Are you from here?" she asked me.
"Yes I am. About 15 minutes from the airport actually."
"I thought so" she responded "You've been staring out the window
with the biggest smile for the last 10 minutes or so."
I laughed,
She laughed,
 Then the Plane Jumped as We Landed.
Usually I sit in my seat until the majority of the people are off the plane,
but I surprised myself by standing up
& grabbing my bag almost immediately
then straight down the isle
& onto the ramp into the terminal
All the while trying to get my new phone out of "airplane" mode.
Every time I thought I fixed it
My texts would fail to go anywhere
The Entire Time I Stood at the Baggage Carousel
I Kept Working At It
 I was Becoming More & More Aggravated
First Bag Comes Around at Me
Grabbed It
I Take the Battery Out of the Phone
Second Bag Comes Around
Grabbed It
Got the Battery Back In
Turned It On
A Familiar Tone Sounds.
'Are you here?' the text asked
'Yes' I answered back
I Bent Over the Phone Again to Begin Texting,
 'I'm Standing at the Baggage Claim,'
For Some Reason
I Looked Up.
I Saw Him Walking Towards Me
with His Teasingly Sweet Smile
My Heart Skipped a Beat
Like Some Involuntary Human Response
Like Blinking or Breathing,
There was an Actual Fluttering in My Chest
I Could Feel a Wide Smile
Spread Across My Face.
Just Like in our Youth Together
the Entire Room of People Fell Away.
I Threw my Arms Around his Neck
& Wouldn't Let Him Ago Right Away
It Stayed that Way for the Rest of the Evening,
& In One Form or Another
Pretty Much the Rest of the Week.
I Truly Realized
How Amazingly Lucky I Am.
I May Never Have Wealth,
I May Never Have Fame,
I May Not Live an Exceptionally Long Life
I Have Had Love,
Been in Love
I was Gone From Him
 Only Seven Days
to Realize........
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I'm Lucky!!
That it Still Feels Amazing
Even After 26 Years Together,
That There is A Kind Of
"Happily Ever After"
I Have Had Love in My Life
True, Enduring Passionate Love
& Still Do.
I'm Smiling Again..........


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Melanie C said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! You are an amazing writer. Absolutely beautiful!!!

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